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FrontEnd & wordpress development

Beautiful and efficient websites built using the best frontend standards and SEO best practises. Your website will be lightweight, fast, and easy to update. 

Sites built on WordPress will include custom pages and theme support with easily updatable templates.  The best plugins will also be installed to keep your site fast and secure.

Responsive Web Design

Did you know your website is more likely to be viewed on a mobile device than a computer? If your website doesn’t look good on a small screen, your users will notice. 

All my websites are designed will mobile devices in mind, and are guaranteed to look great across all screen sizes.

iphone and ipad showing responsive web design

Landing Pages & Email Integrations

It’s one thing to have a beautiful website, but if you aren’t using your site to convert your visitors into customers, what’s the point?

Landing pages are a great way to present your product or offering to your audience. But not all landing pages are made equal. My landing pages are designed with the sale in mind.

Your website should also be used to grow your mailing list. Whichever email marketing platofrm you use, it will be seamlessly integrated into your new website to grow your audience even further.

Online Shops + Blogs

Extend the power of your website. You have a beautiful website, now put it to work! Your website can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool and money maker if done right.

With an added blog with social media integrations, get your valuable content out into the world so potential clients can find you.

Thinking of selling products, digital or otherwise? A seamlessly integrated shop means unlimited selling potential.

Website Maintenance Packages

Choose the plan that suits you best, and never worry about a broken website again!

Having a self-hosted WordPress website means you are fully in control. WordPress is an amazing platform for a website in terms of scalability, SEO, customization, and the countless plugins that give your website any functionality you need.

With that said, it is definitely a learning curve. Like all websites, upkeep and maintenance are required to ensure the site is running smoothly and securely. Plugins need to be updated and configured properly, and sometimes they may not play nice with each other. Page links can break if titles are changed, images need to be replaced if deleted, page speed can slow down – the list goes on.

With my monthly WordPress maintenance packages, you can rest easy knowing that your website is running just as it should. With my upkeep, you can ensure your contact and subscription forms are working, images and pages are optimized, plugins are updated and properly configured and so much more.

Choose your package:

Basic Package

Monthly WordPress Maintenance
$ 65 Monthly
  • Update plugins (manual update where necessary)
  • Ensure active plugins are properly configured
  • Update WordPress platform and ensure compatibility with theme & plugins
  • Perform site backup
  • Maintain site security and SSL settings
  • Ensure new pages and links are working
  • Test contact and mailing list forms

Pro Package

Monthly WordPress Maintenance
$ 99 Monthly
  • Everything in Basic package, plus:
  • Image compression and optimization (paid service - included in fee)
  • Check site page speed and make necessary improvements
  • Troubleshoot any error messages or bugs*
  • Small updates / design changes (1 hour max)
  • SEO & accessibility checkup (meta tags, image titles + alt text, etc)

How it works:

All prices are listed in USD.
Once you choose your plan, you will be billed at time of purchase.  You will then be billed once per month. I require a minimum of three months for all of my monthly maintenance packages. 

If you need to cancel, no hard feelings! I just need 30 days notice prior to doing so.

desktop computer setup

Technical Virtual Assistance

Do you find yourself in a seemingly never-ending pile of admin work that takes away from doing what you love most? Is business suffering as you spend more and more time trying to learn new programs instead of spending time growing your business and reaching your goals?

Allow me to take over the technical and admin tasks for you, so you can get back to doing what you love! 

Services include:

  • Website updates and support
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Pinterest + Instagram Graphics 
  • Social Media Management
  • Schedule management
  • So much more!

Get in touch to see how I can help:

Case Studies

The Ask

ParCitypatory.org was turning four years old, and Laura wanted to take her self-designed blog and give it a makeover to celebrate! 

It needed a fresh design to showcase all the great content and valuable resources on the site, as well as encourage readers to subscribe to the mailing list. 

The Solution

The site was completely overhauled with a clean and colourful design. New page layouts made it easier for readers to navigate and find the content they are looking for.

A mailing list integration means her list can grow and she can better connect with her audience.

The new site also allowed for a better connection with her writing business, and better hilighted her experience as an urban planning consultant. 

The Result

“It was an absolute joy to work with Stephanie and I am really in love with my new site! I had set up my wordpress blog four years ago without a lot of knowledge, so it was a bit of a mess, but Stephanie helped me to turn it into a clean, easy-to-navigate, beautifully designed page that my visitors love as much as I do.

She did this within only a few weeks and communicated very well throughout. She also understood all the little details and tweaks that freelancers who are passionate about their business and their site might ask for.

We connected on a personal level as well, which was a nice bonus. I hope we’ll get to meet in real life soon so I can invite her to a big thank-you ice cream!”

Laura v. Puttkamer
Urban Journalist, Blogger and Consultant


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